Hi there, my name is Ian Janicki. I’m a PropTech entrepreneur who is in-between projects and am seeking consulting work. You can learn more about me and my work history on my home page. Inquires 👉 ianjanicki@gmail.com


🤓 Software Engineering

I’m a full-stack JavaScript developer that specializes in creating high-quality, responsive sites from scratch that focus on lead-capture, real-time computation, and customer-delight.

Prior art

Homestead Search
Homestead Search Built my prior startup’s lead-gen engine that combined a complex backend logic leveraging GIS and a frontend experience that drew in customers in the 10’s of thousands.
Penciled Rental Calculator
Penciled Rental Calculator Current side project to help get more people into development. Its first tool polls Zillow listings and creates an interactive proforma. Bonus feature: Opengraph-generated image for social sharing.

🎨 Design

Designing UX/UI for the better part of 11 years, ranging from consumer social, to SaaS, to medical tech. I pride myself not on breaking new ground, but on velocity and scale of putting great design into the world to scale your brand.

Prior art

Vesuvius Challenge
Vesuvius Challenge Some Pro Bono work I did for an amazing machine learning & computer vision competition that is looking to decode the Herculaneum Papyri. Designed & coded homepage.
Homestead Designed & implemented entire site soup-to-nuts in little more than 2 weeks full-time. Built scaleable design system in Figma and implemented into components in Webflow.
Transplant Designed & implemented this side project alongside Caleb to help track how people were moving during the pandemic. Took open-source data and made it valuable & beautiful.

🤖 Automation

Taking large data sets and making it valuable & beautiful through SEO-optimized pages for the web is something I love doing. Leveraging tools like Airtable, which are accessible to non-technical users, and allowing them to create beautiful & powerful tools without code or design-chops is where I shine ☀️.

Prior art

Homestead City Guides
Homestead City Guides Leveraged Airtable database of every Californian city with over 50 individual data-points into beautiful, SEO-optimized pages that all rank first-page on Google.
Properties in Inbox
Properties in Inbox Built a tool that scanned new MLS listings, ran it through my SB 9 eligibility logic, and then pushed the best properties to my inbox every morning — all without running a dedicated server.

📱No-Code Applications & Airtable Schema Building

I’ve built a number of internal applications using a combination of Airtable & Glide ranging from material procurement tools, to construction management, to customer portals. I am very fast and thoughtful about how to quickly set up efficient schemas and deliver value quickly with little fluff. Here’s an internal talk I gave on the subject to a non-technical group.

Prior art


More in-depth look at these tools upon-request.

🧠 Strategy / Fundraising / Product Management

  • I have past experience as a PM at Figma, Microsoft, and Xamarin
  • As founder I have been through hell and back when it comes to fundraising (a billion decks, meetings, etc. — raised > $2M over 2 companies)
  • I am also very helpful in being an outside voice to cutting scope and getting to brass tacks on your product. I am also strong at providing feedback regarding burn-rate and where to cut losses to get you to your company to the next round.


Working with Ian was an absolute pleasure. We approached him with rough requirements on complex financial calculators and payment acceptance flows. For both projects, Ian didn't simply take the requirements and build, he worked with us every step of the way to scope technical requirements and made strategic recommendations on tools and APIs. Ian delivered much quicker than we could have with our internal engineering teams and I'd gladly hire him again for projects in the future. Tim Wu, VP Marketing Plastiq
Working with Ian has been a tremendous pleasure and stark contrast from the bigger agencies we previously worked with. Ian takes the time to understand what we're doing (product) and who we're doing it for (customers), and treats his work as if it's his own startup. Paired with his design and coding chops, this makes for a killer combo. Monji Dolon, CEO Measured

References upon request.

What I’m looking for

  • Hourly consulting with a max of ~16/20 hours per week
  • Isolated work/projects where there are minimal internal dependencies
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Bonus: Ideally companies focusing on U.S. real estate market

What I’m not looking for

  • Work outside of above scope
  • Lots of meetings
  • Long-term commitment / full-time role